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Cable Descramblers Concepts offers the consumer unmodified cable television boxes
only. The boxes Offered are channel changer type of cable boxes and in no way are capable of
tuning any scrambled signals. These boxes work just like a VCR works.

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We have nothing for digital cable boxes. No digital cable box

Digital cable boxes are not available. Do not call for digital cable boxes. Nothing available for digital cable boxes
Nothing available for satellite tv & we have no digital cable box for satellite direct tv.
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viewmaster 4000+ cable tv box descramblers
View Master 4000+
Universal 125 Channel
Unmodified Box


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vision titanium vx4500 cable descrambler
The Vision Titanium Vx4500 125 Channel
Unmodified Box
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clearmax xxx-6000 cable tv box descrambler

The NEW ClearMax

125 Channel Unmodified Box
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ranger 5000 cable box

The Vision 20/20 Plus
125 Channel Unmodified Box
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Welcome to cable descramblers concepts where we make purchasing a cable tv box unmodified descrambler very easy. We have several unmodified cable boxes to choose from. You can click a link above at any time to view our different cable descramblers. Our unmodified cable descramblers work on most all systems in the USA. Cable descramblers are very easy to install. Cable descramblers ship out generally on the same day you order. Cable descramblers do not work on digital cable descramblers systems. Their is nothing for digital cable descramblers at this time. Keep an eye on our unmodified cable descramblers website though to see when we come out with a unmodified digital cable descramblers. It should be soon. Again, keep an eye out for new cable descramblers for digital.

Our Universals Below Work On ALL These Systems

General Instruments
Jerrold Systems
Scientific Atlanta
Pioneer Systems

Zenith Systems
Tocom Systems
Universal Cable Descramblers
We do not sell RFT Plus

Questions and Answers

Q: What is an unmodified cable box descrambler?
A: Unmodified means that the box has not been tampered with to force it to receive channels you are not paying for.
Q: Why does the industry call them descramblers if they do not descramble anything?
A: Every type of tuner is one type of A descrambler or another. IE: A VCR or TV takes in the signal from the cable wire in your wall, that signal is not viewable unless it is "tuned" or "decoded" or "descrambled" into something that can be viewed on your TV set. The signal is decoded into a viewable signal. Certain channels like premium and pay per view channels must be authorized by the cable company to be decoded. Many people on the web sell boxes that are setup to defeat the cable companies "unauthorized scrambled" channels. We do not sell boxes this way. Our boxes will only tune in the channels that your cable company sends down the wire that are "authorized" such as the basic or extended basic channels.
Q: What purpose does an unmodified cable box or unmodified cable descrambler serve?
A: Consumers that have older TV sets or TV's that are not capable of tuning to 125 channels will need a cable box. Owners of most brands of plasma high definition TV's will need A cable TV box to tune in the cable channels since nearly all plasma TV's do not come with a built in Tuner or decoder. Anyone that has a TV that the volume control does not work or the remote does not work can install an unmodified cable box descrambler and have full remote control access again without replacing the whole TV set.

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We have nothing for digital cable boxes. No digital cable boxes

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